Cool Down Card

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Time Out Doesn't work!

This is what I have heard countless parents tell me during our initial visits discussing their child's behaviors. As a behavior consultant, I used to think this was due to not using time out correctly. That was until I had my first child and I too was left frustrated at its ineffectiveness. This is why I created a procedure that would not only teaching a child how to calm down but how to do it on their own and with out the shame of isolation. 

I created a procedure that works, The Cool Down Card.

The Cool Down Card works at addressing each stage of high intensity emotion. It follows 4 procedures that are found in researched principles of behavior.
Step 1- AFFIRM- It teaches the child to first affirm the emotion. To realize what it is and be able to label it.
Step 2- ACT- The child learns how to act on the emotion to help them cool down. 
Step 3- APPLY- The child learns to choose what to do when he or she re-enters the play area.
Step- 4- ACKNOWLEDGE- The child feels better at calming down on their own and receives praise from parents. 

The Cool Down Card also gives the child a mission. It creates a visualization of being frozen in ice and needing to melt the ice around them by cooling down. This plays into a fun way for children to put their emotions to action not isolating them to their room. The Cool Down Card gives the child skills they they can take as they get older and no longer need the visual or manipulatives.

If you are ready to start teaching instead of punishing you child, the Cool Down Card is for you! I know it has been a life saver in my home, I know it can be in yours too! It is so neat to see your kiddo become independent. I recently asked my kiddo why he didn't get so upset (at a event that would normally be a meltdown) he said, " because I just think about the card.." :) 

The Cool Down Card not only includes everything in the kit but constant support and tips in a private Cool Parenting Group! You will get live feeds from a me (a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a licensed teacher)! Let's make a change in how we parent and give our child an advantage without shame!

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